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Line Sheet Is Linked to Watch Images on DropBox


   We value our online partnership and want to make this process as smooth as possible. If at any time you have questions please call us at: 800-284-9487 or email Julie Toomey our Social Media Manager at:

Example Media Posts

Download here samplings of our popular posts in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. These samples should help quick start your social media posts for MTM.


Social Media Assets

Download here all the social media assets for each collection. We are excited to work with you on the best practices for posting social media. We can also help with your copy.

All Watches Download

Download here: All watches at one  time. Some may want all images in a zipped file, here is you chance to do that. The files names are descriptions and are related to the above MTM line sheet.


If you need some banners


Additional Assets

Press Releases

Download here: You can use these for your local Newspapers or find copy for your social media postings either way its a great asset to have on hand.

MTM Logo's

Download here: Approved MTM Watch Logos in various sizes. Preferred Dark Grey (as pictured) in available in .PNG and Illustrator formats

2019 Catalog

Download here: MTM | WATCH 2019 catalog and price List. 102 pages of information on our watches. Please do not reproduce any images without authorization.