More About Vulture

With 4 sequential light modes, which now include a multi-LED strobe and ultraviolet light frequency mode, an all titanium case, Swiss quartz movement, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and rechargeable battery, the VULTURE soars high above the rest. 

The MTM Special Ops Vulture Watch represents another leap in MTM’s watch brand technology. It features 12 UV lights that can assist in detecting blood at a crime scene or counterfeit currency. The vulture case and band are made from solid aeronautical grade titanium for lightweight-strength. The black Vulture plating has been upgraded to ultra-premium DLC (Diamond-like carbon), which is available only on a few watches.

This original MTM Vulture collection utilized a unique lighting system which had never before been seen. The multi-mode lighting system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Charging is as simple as connecting the watch to a computer via USB port, other DC supply, or an AC wall outlet using the included plug-in charger. The timekeeping battery for quartz movement is rated up to 3 years and is independent from the lighting system battery and does not require charging. In addition to the black DLC and brushed silver finish, the Vulture now offers a matte gray finish as well as eight different dial combinations. Showcased with the original carbon fiber dial.

Four Light Mode Levels:

  1. Internal Mode – Ultraviolet Light Illuminates the Dial (6 Seconds)
  2. External Mode – 3 White LED Torch Lights Illuminate (20 Seconds)
  3. Emergency Mode – Flashing White Strobe Lights (Stays On as Long as The Battery Is Charged, Up to Several Hours.)
  4. Diving/Extreme Conditions: – Ultraviolet Lights Illuminates the Dial (Stays On as Long as the Battery Is Charged, Up to Several Hours)

Note: Recharge your light mode battery (Lithium Ion rated 10 years) via the included charger by using an AC wall outlet or the USB included port cable from a DC power supply.