Our History

Forged in the past and designed for the future, MTM is an authentic American watch brand headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The brand’s proprietary products are an intricate blend of cutting edge design, technology and precision that caters to the needs of the military, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts.

Highly specialized since the beginning, MTM has produced timepieces that go above and beyond the tests of time, such as the incorporation of UV light to detect blood unseen to the naked eye and a radiation detection device to display exposure levels. MTM flagship watches include the brightest external and internal lights ever seen in a watch, in order to covertly read maps at night or use as a flashlight or emergency signal from far distances. MTM’s unique functionality has carved an indelible niche in the men’s watch industry. The creation of the Black Hawk models, now the Falcon, was the first in a series of many highly acclaimed watches within the original brand: MTM Special Ops Watches.

The watch brand’s precise engineering and innate sense of style launched MTM into unforeseen territory. In recent years, the timepieces transcended their original intent and crossed the line that often divides function and fashion. Meticulously crafted with a bold and sophisticated design, MTM watches are no longer worn solely by men in uniform. These modern and elegant timepieces have earned their place in the fashion world.

MTM watchmakers and engineers have stayed true to their original vision as the line continues to evolve. Designed, developed, engineered and assembled in the The United States of America, MTM has effortlessly gained a global and celebrity based following. This US brand started with innovation caused by necessity, but with the freedom to go against the grain, they developed revolutionary technology and a stunning line of watches for men.

Though MTM Special Ops Watches are envisioned for the soldier, the athlete, the modern adventurer, the weekend warrior and men both faithful and daring, these sophisticated and priceless timepieces add an edge to any lifestyle.