Watch Review by The Loadout Room – MTM Hypertec Chrono

Rick Dembroski, a former United States Air Force Staff Sergeant and Civil Engineer, recently wrote an MTM Hypertec Chrono watch review on The Loadout Room.  His in-depth perspective and analysis of this men’s watch describes a unique taste and flavor for this type of tactical watch. Even though the Hypertec Chrono is another military watch for men, made by MTM Special Ops Watches, it is slightly different than the majority of MTM watches. It sports a cool modern look and feel that does not fear the outdoors, but can also be able be quick to turn heads when you are out for a night on the town. You can keep it classy without losing a touch of ruggedness with this watch. It comes in at a slightly lower price point than most other MTM watches, giving it some additional appeal to add it to your collection of cool chronograph watches.

No need to take it from us any further, please feel free to read this watch review for the MTM Hypertec Chrono. Rick from the Loadout Room, a great website for hardcore adventurists, goes through watch packaging and first impressions to features, specifications and usability. MTM truly appreciates the detail and time taken to write this review. We hope that you enjoy all of our cool watches, and keep the MTM Special Ops Hypertec Chrono at the top of your list.


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