Strong MTM Silencer Watch Review By Breach Bang Clear

In case you ever wondered just how strong MTM watches really are and how much damage they can do if used inappropriately, Breach Bang Clear author Mad Duo Chris has answered that question in his latest review for the MTM Silencer watch here. We hope you enjoy the review as it contains a mix of humor and useful facts.

Review author, Mad Duo Chris served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is a veteran of the Marine Corps, the Army National Guard and Police Force. Since leaving the force, Chris has written several war books, military novels and several blogs, including his own. The title of the review is MTM Silencer: A Watch You can Beat a Donkey to Death With, and let us tell you, it’s not an understatement. The MTM Silencer watch along with its Special Ops collection counterparts boast in durability and ruggedness.

Mad Duo Chris notes his first impression of the Silencer as a “big, solid, brutal watch” and describes his misconception of the MTM Special Ops brand. It was not until he held, saw and tested out the watch for himself that he realized just how strong and dependable the MTM Silencer watch really is. After describing his first impressions he goes on to show images of the watch packaging, which by the way he was a big fan of and describes as “straight-up professional and impressive”.  All strong MTM Watches are securely shipped in their own watertight tactical case inclusive of a watch manual, charger (if necessary) and adjustment tool.

After describing the watch packaging, Mad Duo Chris goes on to discuss the results of the various experiments he put the MTM Silencer watch through. The experiments tested the many watch features and functions; internal & external LED lights, 100 meter dept water resistance, luminescent dial, locking screw down crown and sapphire glass. We are pleased to say the Silencer passed all tests with flying colors.

Throughout the review Mad Duo Chris refers to his experiences as a soldier and describes how he could have benefitted from the MTM Silencer during his deployments and time in the military and police force. The review ends with a humorous depiction of just how strong the MTM Silencer is as it crushes through a Chevy Lumina.

At MTM we have high standards and deliver superior results with our many multi-functional Special Ops watches. We encourage you to learn more about the MTM Silencer from Marine Corp, Army National Guard and Police Force Veteran; Mad Duo Chris.

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