Predator Watch Review By The Loadout Room

Daylight savings is here, again, it’s time to “fall back” and set our clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 6th. We are excited and look forward to sunnier mornings and the increased opportunity to get out and explore during the morning fog. Looking for something to do with the extra 60 minutes you will gain on Sunday? Allow us to suggest a quick read. The MTM Special Ops Predator watch Review on The Loadout Room. Skillfully written by Loadout Room author, Scott Witner, a former Marine Infantryman and watch enthusiast, a great candidate to test out the many features of the MTM Predator.

The review starts off with Scott mentioning the watches that he wore as a Marine and through his transition to “civilian life”. He then goes on to talk about the reason he chose to try an MTM watch, specifically the Predator, over the many other watch options out there. Not only does the name of the series “Predator” sound bad ass, but the watch itself lives up to the standards of any active and on-the-go watch enthusiast. What sets MTM watches apart from the competition? It’s many customization features and rugged dependability. The Predator series alone has five different customization options to chose from; case material, case color, hand color, dial options, band material and color.

The review then points out the impeccable aesthetics and attention to detail put forth in each of our collections. Just as everything else in life, there are pros and cons to finding the ‘perfect watch’. You will be pleased to learn that the pros are far greater than the cons for the big face Predator watch. Built for adventure, the Predator’s glowing hands will help guide you through any dark path whether you find yourself in the heart of city or secluded in the forest. Its 660-foot water resistance depth will go the distance with you both on land and in water.  If its accuracy, quality and rugged elegance you are in search of for your next timepiece, look no further. Take a moment to read the Loadout Room review and visit our website to start customizing your limited edition Predator watch TODAY.

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