Pilot Watch Air Stryk II Review By Watch Report

Aeronautics, the science, art and practice of travel through the air, is quite intriguing. Don’t you think so? Admit it, at some point in your childhood you pretended to be in command of an aircraft; you pretended to be a pilot, aviator or even an astronaut. There is just something particularly fascinating about a large aircraft, weighing 360 tons, floating through air and time. At MTM, we are not only fascinated with “how” planes can fly, but even more so with the gear and tools that are crucial for pilots to get their job done. From such inquisitive thoughts, the MTM Air Stryk II pilot watch was born.


Made from of a solid titanium case and packed with a brass/carbon fiber dial and sapphire crystal, no wonder and no kidding as to “why” it makes your wrist feel indestructible. The Air Stryk II collection offers an array of valuable and distinct functions that you have to see to believe in a modern day pilot watch. Watch enthusiasts, collectors, modern day adventurers, hunters, shooters and many others have avidly commended the Air Stryk II for its multifunctional use. As a digital analog watch, it features 58 pre-defined time zones, timer, chronograph, compass and more.

Air Stryk II Review By Watch Report


We understand we might be a bit biased when we tell you that the Air Stryk II is an elite pilot watch but don’t take our word for it, check out the comprehensive watch review by Watch Report author, Don Evans. Mr. Evans has been an avid watch enthusiast for over 25 years, and has reviewed over 100 watches, it’s safe to say he knows his stuff.


Please read the review here: Air Stryk II Watch Review

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