MTM Silencer & Falcon Watch Review

This summer has been packed with action for MTM, including a website redesign, new media, press, watch models, etc., and once in a while, it’s nice to reflect back and work completed and kudos earned. We recently received watch reviews from a tactical gear company and watch blogger, analyzing and documenting MTM watch models from their perspective and use. Within the past month, Loadout Room, a gear and adventure company that provides insight into various hunting, shooting, adventure and outdoor related activities, featured an MTM Special Ops Gray Falcon watch review. Rex Nanorum wrote the review after taking the watch with him on a trip to Alaska. Rex is native to Alaska but now lives with his family in Oregon, and once was a US Army Ranger with the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt, completing five tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. Rex was quick to put the MTM Special Ops Falcon Watch to the test and begin documenting its pro’s and con’s from his point of view. To read the full review and let us know what you think, please visit Loadout Room and leave a comment or contact us.


After noticing that the Loadout Room couldn’t get enough of Special Ops Watches, a different type of review was published by an individual watch blogger, Stephen Mazinger. He is the creator of a Time To Blog Watches, and let us tell you, he knows watches! Simply take a look at his blog for various watch brand reviews. Stephen’s intricate and unique review caught our attention quickly, differentiating itself in describing specific details, such as use conditions, expectations, material quality, features and more. As with most MTM watch reviewers, Stephen took the watch with him during some personal adventures, such as the Parris Island Reef in South Carolina, to put the watch to the test in various outdoor conditions. His blog is accompanied with various pictures of the MTM Special Ops Gray Silencer Watch, depicting the varying elements of the watch, providing an in-depth perspective. To read the full review and let us know what you think, please visit a Time To Blog Watches and leave a comment or contact us.

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