How many people really know what radiation is and how it affects us? In physics, radiation is described as energy that is transmitted in the form of rays or waves. Generally speaking, there are three elements of radiation that are of concern to us; alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha particles are slow moving, have low energy levels and don’t penetrate clothing or skin but can cause harm if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through open wounds. Beta particles have a slightly higher energy level than Alpha and can moderately penetrate human skin 1 to 2 cm. Gamma particles are forms of electromagnetic radiation commonly associated with x-rays. Gamma rays readily penetrate clothing and human skin and are very damaging depending on exposure.

As civilians, we are not readily exposed to high exposure levels of either of the three elements of radiation. Service men, however, due to their strenuous work environments are often exposed to radiation as well as other harmful elements. With MTM’s leadership in innovation, the RAD watch was designed and skillfully crafted to measure harmful ionizing Gamma radiation through a Geiger-Muller tube. This state of the art technology and innovation has leaped the MTM RAD watch into its own category as a one-of-a-kind Geiger counter radiation detection watch. Recently, FOG HORN blog author Larry Vickers tested out the RAD, read his full review here: RAD Watch by MTM Spec Ops of Los Angeles.  Larry Vickers is a retired special operation US Army veteran with extensive experience in the firearm industry. Since retiring from the military, Larry has dedicated most of his time to being a combat tactics and marksmanship instructor as well as an industry consultant. If you are interested in learning more about radiation, how its measured and detected, Larry digs deep in terminology and does a good job at explaining it in layman terms. It’s a quick and painless read that might teach you a thing or two.

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