Hypertec Chrono 3 Review – Military Chronograph Watch

Since its initial launch, the understated MTM Hypertec series continues to evolve in a constant battle against the status quo. These handmade and custom military chronograph watches come with luxury components and quartz analog movement. With 3 case colors, 9 case options, 12 dial choices and over 27 band options, the Hypertec collection boasts various customization options and is guaranteed to add style and quality to any ensemble and lifestyle.


Recently, Loadout Room author and watch enthusiast, Max Pranger tried the Hypertec Chrono 3 for himself and to say that he liked it is an understatement. Max is an ex-Special Operations vet and is a certified scuba diver. Head over to the Loadout Room to read the short yet informative review inclusive of his initial reaction, comparison between watch brands and highlights of the Hypertec Chrono 3 watch features. As he calls it giving a “no bullshit” opinion of the MTM Spec Ops Hypertec Chrono 3 watch.


At MTM, we enjoy and highly value watch enthusiasts that test our products and provide feedback. It would be safe to say that no reaction, opinion or experience is ever the same. MTM Collections provide the wearer with precise & accurate timing along with an accent of style. Our military chronograph watches go beyond telling time, they inspire heroes. Built for action!

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