Elite Aviation Timepiece – Air Stryk II Review

The MTM Air Stryk II, an elite aviation timepiece, was born from the idea of wearable precision. At MTM Special Ops Watches, we understand the importance of accuracy and dependability to not only pilots and aviators but to the contemporary man alike. In further development to the original Air Stryk, the Air Stryk II is comprised of a solid titanium case, a combination carbon fiber/matte brass dial, and an anti-reflective sapphire glass. Its rugged and durable case set the standard for dependable outdoor watches. It’s glowing index and hands make it perfect for traveling and/or working in dark settings, especially while flying at night. There is no doubt that the understated MTM Air Stryk II watch is the epitome of style and functionality blending with tactical pilot precision.


In efforts to gain valuable and non-biased feedback, we sent a Silver Air Stryk II to Loadout Room author, Erik Meisner to test and report back. Erik Meisner served in the Military as a rifle team leader for several years, since then he has become a licensed pilot and SCUBA diver. Given his military and pilot background, in conjunction with his love for the outdoors, we knew he would fairly evaluate the Air Stryk II and test every one of its features. To take flight with Meisner’s Air Stryk II review, click here. Meisner provides a video of flight takeoff with the watch and a compilation of him describing each of the Air Stryk II’s functions and features, followed by a personal scenario in which the given function or feature has benefited him or can benefit a pilot. As stated in his review, the durability and design (of the Air Stryk II) certainly help withstand wear and tear.


The MTM Air Stryk II , along with the other MTM collections, are built for action and adventure! We encourage you to live life on the edge & take flight with an Air Stryk II watch. To explore and learn more about the Air Stryk II, please visit the Air Stryk II product page.

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