Cobra Watch Review By Loadout Room

As the first day of Fall is upon us and we start gearing up for colder weather and rainier days, we’d like to share the MTM Special Ops Cobra watch review with you, written by Loadout Room author Erik Meisner. With a respectable military background and an active licensed pilot and SCUBA diver, Erik is no stranger to the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of a high-quality timepiece.


In the review, Erik points out the popularity of the Casio G-Shock due to its durability at its low price point. He then goes on to mention, as he matured and his salary increased, he was able to move on to a more aesthetically pleasing timepiece that makes a statement, the MTM Special Ops Cobra. Erik, like many other watch enthusiasts have invested time and money in search of the “perfect timepiece”. The search was over for Erik when he came across our booth at the SHOT show and instinctively gravitated towards our limited edition watch displays. The review goes on to compare the MTM Cobra to a couple of other brands, evaluates its user friendliness, points out its distinct features and closes with a comprehensive list of specs.


All of our watches are limited edition and completely customizable. As if that wasn’t enough, the MTM Cobra Watch Collection offers an added option between a 44mm and 47.5mm case. For those of you who enjoy making a statement and are big watch enthusiasts, MTM Special Ops has you covered. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a moment to read through Erik’s review at the LOADOUT ROOM.

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