Chronograph Watch Review – MTM Hypertec Chrono 2

For some of us, a watch is an accessory, for others, it is a crucial part of everyday life and a necessity to get the job done. Often used to measure rapid calculations of speed or distance, most modern activities that use a chronograph involve piloting, car racing, diving, and other sports, to name a few. But what exactly is a chronograph? The term “chronograph” comes from the Greek word for time, “Chronos” combined with the Greek word for writing, “graph“. Since then and as we know now, chronographs have been adopted and evolved as a fundamental feature of the watch industry. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a chronograph is “an instrument for measuring and recording time intervals”. Basically, it is a tool that allows us to accurately start and stop time in increments, similar to that of a stopwatch.

The design and functionality of the MTM Hypertec collection were heavily influenced by chronographs. The MTM Hypertec Chrono 2 chronograph watch is stylish by nature and rugged by choice. For men looking for a tough watch with an appealing design, it is the perfect balance of utility and casual contemporary wear. Similar to a stopwatch, the watch face sub-dials on the Hypertec Chrono 2 precisely measure seconds and minutes. Each Hypertec is outfitted with a solid 316L stainless steel case and scratch-resistant, anti-reflective tempered glass. Powered by a 3-year rated silver oxide battery and high-grade quartz chronograph movement, the Hypertec Chrono 2 guarantees to surpass all of your watch expectations at a fair price point.

We understand we might be a little biased, which is why we repeatedly send out our watches to be tested and reviewed by outdoor enthusiasts & tactical gear gurus. Recently, a lifelong watch enthusiast, blogger and martial arts instructor, Jonathan Kilburn had the opportunity to review the MTM Hypertec Chrono 2. Kilburn wore the watch during several outdoor activities to test its ruggedness and durability. He thoroughly highlights his experiences with the watch in detail, while also providing some simple and easy to read bullet points with pros and cons. To read and learn more about his initial reaction, thoughts on the watch specs, packaging, and overall feedback, head over to the Nitehawk website.

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